The Benefit of Massage for Ski Season

November marks the opening of Beaver Creek and Vail ski mountains! This month also means the beginning of potentially painful muscle activation as a result of skiing and snowboarding, along with other winter activities including snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Although these activities are fun, they can also lead to soreness and fatigue.

Whether you’re a local or here on vacation, those muscles need to be properly conditioned to avoid leg burning misery after a few initial runs or a short time playing in the snow. In an effort to prevent injuries and reduce soreness, we recommend the Sport Fusion Massage which is designed to deliver relief from symptoms of high altitude exercise.

According to Allegria’s lead massage therapist Tiana King, integrating massages into your routine to prevent injury and soreness will help keep the muscles fluid and limber. She adds that massage also “helps flush tissue of lactic acid and toxins which results in a quicker recovery.” King says that getting a massage once a week to once every six weeks is ideal, and recommends spending time in a hot tub or steam room prior to a massage. “It helps prep and loosen the muscles along with the mind. A soak after a massage is also a good idea.”

For those visiting from lower altitudes, keep in mind that high altitude makes a difference when it comes to remedying soreness from winter athletic activities. King explains that “your body gets fatigued and dehydrates quickly in altitude” and feels that the best massage for the more active lifestyle is Allegria’s Sports Fusion Massage.

What differentiates the Sports Fusion Massage from other deep tissue massages is the combination of various massage modalities fused together including sports massage-assisted stretching, deep tissue work for the deeper muscle layers, and the hot stone massage to warm and flush the muscle tissue quickly. King says that “there are also a lot of little extras involved in this massage to take the experience to another level” such as hot stones, natural muscle balm that targets specific areas, and a wintergreen and arnica body butter.

Additionally, the therapist uses hot towel compresses soaked in an arnica/peppermint/wintergreen tea. Utilizing that same tea combination and eucalyptus essential oil, a warm vapor bowl is placed under the face cradle to help keep sinuses open and clear. Another aspect that makes this treatment unique to Allegria is all the products are custom and locally-made from organic products.

Sports Fusion Massage is offered for 80 minutes of 105 minutes. Visit to book online or call 970-748-7500.