The Benefits of Weight Training

For some, the weight section in Allegria is an automatic “no-fly zone.” The stack of weights is either beloved or avoided among gym-goers and weights have long fought a reputation problem. Weight aversion happens for a variety of reasons including fear of injury or concern of bulking, but some of these perceptions are myths that are worth dispelling. Weights can not only be a great workout in themselves, but they can also help you achieve your fitness goals.

Why you should pick up the weights
When incorporated into your fitness routine, weights can make a huge difference. Weights make the most out of your time by increasing physical capacity. In other words, you are working harder and it can take less time to achieve the same output when you include weights. Weight training also increases your agility. By strengthening connective tissue, muscles and tendons, you motor performance is directly impacted, helping you inside and outside the gym. As a bonus, strengthening these parts of your anatomy can decrease the risk of injury to your body.

Over time, introducing weights can have positive impacts on our health that one might not expect. Once of these benefits is a boosted metabolism. Once you start to develop muscle as a result of your weight training, your body will require more energy throughout the day. Muscle require more energy to retain than fat, which translates to your body using more calories muscle training is also a way you can improve your bone density. Developing and supplementing bone density is especially important as our bones become less dense with age. Simply put; weight training can help you age gracefully!

Allegria Spa Trainer: Joel Weinstein

Ways you can add some weight
The best way to start weight training is by setting goals and not getting too eager. Excitement is always a good thing, but like with any fitness activity, you have to listen to your body! It is more than okay to start slow when you begin. You do not have to start with the heavy weights and do one set at a time. As you progress, you can add weight and sets to your routine. As you get started, opt to keep it simple. The weight machines we have in our club at Allegria are a great start because they are built with safety in mind. They come with instructions and focus on good form. If you start with good habits they are easier to maintain.

As you become more comfortable with weight training and know what works best, you can create a program for your self. More importantly, you must stick to the program. Your workouts will only get easier once you have established a routine.

If you are starting your weight-training journey or are in need of some guidance, we recommend you seek out an expert trainer. While there are resources and videos online – a trainer will give you personalized one-on-one instruction. Call us to schedule a 1 hour introductory session with one of our personal trainers 970-827-6660.

Allegria Spa Trainer: Kara Wickman