6 Life Lessons We Learned From Yoga

Last month was National Yoga Month and our extra time on the mat has inspired us to think of ways we can take the practice of yoga out into other aspects of our life. Many of the things that are natural when in a yoga class can also be assets outside of class. These six aspects of yoga will help you in a variety of ways if you remember to follow them regularly.

Slow Down and Be Present
Life Lesson: Don’t Rush It
Things can happen fast, and while there is nothing wrong with forward-thinking, we can get too far ahead of ourselves and not be in the moment. Yoga demands your attention and focus, making it pretty difficult to let your mind wander which is a constant reminder that there is no time like the present.

Falling is Okay
Life Lesson: Failing is an opportunity to try again
If you change your perspective, falling can be a good thing. For one, falling means you are challenging yourself, but what is more important is what you do after the fall. Getting back up and trying again is an important habit to establish. In our athletic endeavors, we can only improve if we get back up. That said, we should not fear falling or failing because that is simply another opportunity to try again and be better.

The Importance of Breathing
Life Lesson: The Key to Avoiding Shortness of Breath
Every moment of every day we are breathing, but it is easy to forget because it is constant. Through yoga, we are taught to listen to our breath and synchronize it with our movement. This benefits our ability to stay calm in less active states, but can also be used in other sports to help us maximize our breath and keep us from tiring too quickly. Think: In through your nose, out through your mouth.

Repetition and Consistency
Life Lesson: Strengthening does not happen overnight
Taking a break is never a bad thing, but extended breaks or frequent breaks inhibit your progress. If you do a yoga pose once, you cannot expect it to be perfect the second time you try. Repetition and consistency can lead to improved performance. Help yourself and don’t start from the beginning, if you follow a routine you continue to build and positive practices become habits.

Don’t Forget to Balance
Life Lesson: How to Balance A Schedule
You would have a difficult time trying to find a yoga pose that doesn’t involve balance in some capacity; even the seated poses require some sense of balance. As it relates to the bigger picture, balance should be a goal of our day to day lives. Like a yoga pose, you need equal parts tension and relaxation in your schedule. Find ways to offset tensions with relaxation throughout the week even if it is just for a few minutes.

Be Intentional
Life Lesson: Set Goals
Occasionally at the beginning of a yoga class, you may recall your instructor asking you what your intention for your class is. One simple question allows you to set a short-term goal that you can achieve within an hour. Setting goals should become a regular part of your routine for a variety of topics. Both short and long-term goals move you in a positive direction and prevent stagnation.
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